We provide transportation for Seniors to medical appointments, the local noon meal,  as well as shopping and fun trips.  

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Tim Demoret


Two 7 Passenger Minivans

Handicap Accessible Minivan

 Suggested Donation


The senior center schedules trips on a periodic bases. 

Suggested Donation

$10.00 Per Person

Escort Trips

Escort trips are on demand trips scheduled at the request of individuals. Escort trips may be combined with other individuals when scheduling allows.

Suggested Donation

  $0.00 No Donation is Required

$10.00   < 4 hours

$25.00   4 to 8 hours

$40.00   > 8 hours

  $5.00 Prescription Pickup

Group Trips

Groups with 7 to 12 people

  $60.00   < 6 hours

$100.00   > 6 hours

Groups with 3 to 6 people

$50.00   < 6 hours

$75.00   > 6 hours

Call for information about larger groups.

Denver Airport

$60.00   Per Trip

Services may not be denied to a consumer if the consumer does not contribute toward the cost of the service. 

 Van Rules and Expectations

1 Escort trips can be scheduled when there is both a vehicle and driver available.

2 A Senior Citizen (age 60 or older) must be a part of every trip except for official JCCOA business.

3 It is occasionally necessary to reschedule trips because of adverse weather or driver/vehicle availability. As much advanced notice as possible will be given to all riders signed up for any trip that is canceled or rescheduled.

4 Seating will not exceed the legal limit of the vehicle.

5 If seats are available, non-seniors may go on trips by paying the non-senior rate for the trip.

6 A person with a disability MUST have a helper come along at your expense. The driver is not responsible for helping you in and out of buildings, helping with your shopping, etc.

7 Riders need to be ready when the van arrives to pick them up.

8 All riders should make appointments ahead of time and let the van driver/supervisor know as soon as possible so the trip can be properly planned. Please make appointments during the regular trips between 10 AM and 2 PM. Any appointments earlier or later needs to be made known to the OATS Supervisor before the trip so the appropriate adjustments to the regular trips can be made.

9 Whenever you get out of the van, the driver should know when and where you should be picked up. Please be considerate of fellow riders and of the time constraints of the van.

10 The grab bars and step stools are available to use while getting in and out of the van. Please use these items whenever possible. The chance of an accident is greater when not using these items.

11 When the schedule is tight, some people may have to wait longer before or after appointments in order to accommodate everyone's schedule.

12 Restroom and meal stops are made for the comfort of everyone involved.

13 There is a Suggested Donation list for the 60+ years age group. No change will be available. Anonymous donations are accepted in locked boxes in the vehicle, at the senior center or through the mail. Donations are turned in to the JCCOA (Jackson County Council on Aging).

14 BUCKLE UP. It is the law! Do not release your seat belt until the van is at a full stop and only if you are getting out. If there is a problem with your seat belt, please inform the driver immediately.

15 Please use respectful language and manners at all times.

16 No smoking or consumption of alcohol is permitted while in an OATS vehicle.

17 Disregard for the rules may result in refusal of service.

Driver Duties

1 The driver is responsible for accommodating any reasonable request of the passengers. However, the driver has the authority to alter trips or cut them short when necessary.

2 The driver is to make the trips as safe as possible and be available to help you in and out of the van.

3 The driver must record all stops and who gets in and out of the van at each stop.

2024 OATS Van Schedule


January1 Monday to Laramie15 Monday to Steamboat
February5 Monday to Laramie19 Monday to Steamboat
March4 Monday to Laramie19 Monday to Steamboat
April1 Monday to Laramie15 Monday to Steamboat
May6 Monday to Laramie20 Monday to Steamboat
June3 Monday to Laramie17 Monday to Steamboat
July1 Monday to Laramie15 Monday to Steamboat
August5 Monday to Laramie19 Monday to Steamboat
September2 Monday to Laramie16 Monday to Steamboat
October7 Monday to Laramie21 Monday to Steamboat
November4 Monday to Laramie18 Monday to Steamboat
December2 Monday to Laramie16 Monday to Steamboat