Jackson County is a wonderful place to live, and we attempt to keep as many senior citizens as possible living well here in the county.

Our programs include:

Transportation Services

OATS (Older Americans Transportation Service)

We provide transportation for Seniors to medical appointments, the local noon meal, as well as shopping and fun trips that require transportation to another county. This program has become very popular. We have a shuttle bus and a smaller minivan, which enables us to provide transportation in a more economical manner. There are two regularly scheduled trips to Laramie each month and a flexible schedule for escort trips.

The Senior Center

Established in 2010, our Senior Center has become a popular place for Seniors to congregate. We offer educational and entertaining programs, as well as medical services (i.e. flu clinic). We also accommodate support groups. Our Senior Center houses our staff office and provides a place for our board to meet. Volunteers work very diligently to keep the Senior Center open Monday—Thursday from 9:00 AM—3:00 PM.

Noon Meal

Our Seniors gather to share wonderful meals, socialize, and learn about any issues that may concern Seniors. We meet the 2nd and 4th Thursday each month (except Nov. and Dec. which meet only on the 2nd Thursday) including celebrating together Valentines, Easter, Senior Awards, Thanksgiving, Christmas and many other holidays and events.

Activities and Services

Potluck Meals



Senior Awards



Plus many other events

Van Trips

Medical & Doctor visits


Sporting Events

Black Hawk / Central City

Fall Foliage


Senior Center

Games / Puzzles


Hand Crafts


Fund Raisers

Harvest Craft Festival

Recycling Aluminum Cans



RAC (Regional Advisory Council)

Training / Seminars

Fun and Educational


Health Fair

Water Aerobics