Thank God For Independence Day
by Loyd C. Taylor

When Mayor Ike perfects his address, 
And fireman Ross polishes the chrome, 
Then Veterans in their uniforms dress, 
When America again is loved as home; 
And little Bobby and Jan get excited, 
As proud flags are raised with the hoist, 
When fireworks are set to be ignited, 
And patriotic eyes become all moist; 
As we pledge the flag and anthems sing, 
And celebrate the sound of freedom’s ring... 
Thank God for Independence Day! 

When the crowds search for shady spaces, 
And foreigners with hungry eyes stare, 
Then excitement shines in little faces, 
As freedom’s spirit permeates the air; 
When high school bands march with dancing feet, 
And Private Rankin is standing tall, 
As the Stars and Stripes adorn each street, 
When Sally Jenkins answers the call; 
As whistles scream and Liberty Bell rings, 
And the eagles soar on majestic wings... 
Thank God for Independence Day!  


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Colorado Sky
by Andrew Blakemore

Like paradise upon this earth
Its wonders to behold, 
A gateway to the wilderness
Where all my dreams unfold, 
The changing of its colours as
The clouds go floating by, 
Above the Rocky Mountains in
The Colorado sky.

The mighty river flowing in
The valley of the pine, 
The shooting star in meadows on
A summer's day so fine, 
The forest is alive with song
I watch the bluebirds fly, 
Above the rugged landscape in
The Colorado sky.

The seasons change so quickly yet
Its precious soul remains, 
As wind does bring the snowfalls there
Upon the mighty plains, 
To see the snow-capped mountains with
Their peaks that reach so high, 
Beneath the fiery sunsets in
The Colorado sky.